Funeral Flowers to Send - Expressing Sincere Condolences

Nov 19, 2023

When faced with the loss of a loved one, it is important to find a way to express your sympathy and offer condolences to the grieving family. Sending funeral flowers is a timeless tradition that helps to convey your deepest condolences and provides a source of comfort during a difficult time. is dedicated to helping you find the perfect selection of funeral flowers and gifts to honor the memory of those who have passed away.

Expressing Emotions Through Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers have long been used to symbolize love, respect, and sympathy. Each flower carries its own meaning and conveys a unique sentiment. When selecting funeral flowers to send, it is important to consider the preferences and personality of the deceased, as well as any cultural or religious traditions that may be relevant. Our wide collection of funeral flower arrangements and sympathy gifts ensures that you can find the perfect tribute to honor your loved one.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral flower arrangements come in various forms, each offering its own sense of beauty and symbolism. At, we offer the following types of funeral flower arrangements:

  • Standing Sprays: These elegant arrangements are designed to be displayed on easels, providing a prominent tribute during the funeral or memorial service.
  • Casket Sprays: Casket sprays are custom-designed to adorn the casket, creating a beautiful focal point for the service.
  • Funeral Wreaths: Wreaths symbolize eternity and are often used to decorate the entrance or to surround a picture or urn of the deceased.
  • Funeral Baskets: These versatile arrangements are perfect for sending your condolences to the family's home or office.
  • Standing Crosses: Crosses are a popular choice for religious services and can be personalized to reflect the beliefs of the departed.
  • Heart-Shaped Arrangements: Heart-shaped arrangements are a deeply emotional and symbolic choice, representing eternal love and farewell.

Choosing the Right Funeral Flower Colors

The color of funeral flowers also holds significance and can reflect different emotions and sentiments. Here are some common funeral flower colors and their meanings:

  • White: Symbolizes purity, innocence, and reverence, often chosen for its peaceful and calming effect.
  • Pink: Represents grace, gentleness, and admiration. Pink flowers are commonly chosen to honor the nurturing and loving nature of the deceased.
  • Red: Signifies love, deep passion, and respect. Red flowers can be chosen to pay tribute to a romantic relationship or strong bond.
  • Purple: Symbolizes dignity, pride, and admiration. Purple flowers are often chosen to honor the accomplishments and individuality of the departed.
  • Yellow: Represents friendship, loyalty, and remembrance. Yellow flowers can provide a sense of warmth and positivity during difficult times.
  • Blue: Signifies tranquility, calmness, and peace. Blue flowers can evoke a sense of serenity and comfort.

Ordering Funeral Flowers with Ease

At, we understand the importance of convenience during sensitive times. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse our extensive catalog of funeral flower arrangements and easily select the perfect tribute to send your sincerest condolences. We offer a range of delivery options to ensure that your chosen funeral flowers arrive on time and with the utmost care.

Personalized Sympathy Gifts

In addition to our beautiful funeral flower arrangements, we also offer a selection of sympathy gifts that provide a lasting memorial for your loved one. These thoughtful keepsakes include personalized memorial candles, remembrance photo frames, and memorial keepsake boxes. These gifts serve as a reminder of the cherished memories, and bring comfort to those experiencing grief.

Delivering Meaningful Tributes

When you choose to send funeral flowers, you can be confident that our expert florists will create a meaningful and tasteful arrangement that truly reflects your sentiments. Each arrangement is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail and delivered with compassion. We understand the importance of your gesture during this difficult time and strive to surpass your expectations.


During moments of loss, expressing your heartfelt condolences is essential in offering support to grieving families. Funeral flowers serve as a meaningful tribute, expressing love, respect, and sympathy when words alone may not suffice. At, we specialize in providing beautifully arranged funeral flower arrangements and sympathy gifts to help you convey your sincerest condolences during this difficult time. With our wide selection of options, convenient ordering process, and expert florists, you can trust that your tribute will be an everlasting symbol of remembrance and comfort.