Antique Seven Drawer Vanity

This is one of most unique pieces I have acquired.  I loved the shape, the legs and the hardware!!!  I had to have it even tho a couple of the legs were broken and it was missing some of the wood trim.  Luckily they had a matching little table they sold me cheap because it was missing a leg – and both of it’s drawers.   It had all the trim I needed tho! Maybe when I run out of things to do I will make a little half table with a basket inside.


Here is the little table:











I decided to do it with chalk paint.  I am not patient enough to order it and wait for it to be shipped, so I made my own using Martha Stewart’s Heavy Cream flat paint and plaster of paris.  There are several recipes online if you google “recipe for chalk paint”.  I will look up the one I used and link to it later.

Chalk paint is perfect when it’s too hot to spray outside.  I put down plastic and painted in the house! It was lovely :) Since I live in Las Vegas, you will probably see a few more chalk painted pieces for the next couple months. :)


GIANT Antique Buffet Makeover



We repaired a few broken legs (Luckily they were in a bag inside the drawer when we purchased) , took out the old burlap in the doors and replaced with wire mesh sprayed with oil rubbed bronze to match the hardware.  Sanded the top all the way down and stained with dark walnut. An amazing statement piece that is sure to be the focal point of any room.  Unbeatable detail!

Before – After – and After

Dresser Before:

Dresser After:

The couple who purchased this dresser wanted to use it for a Media Unit.  We showed them a few pics of others we had converted and they had us create one for them. Short version: We took the top three drawers and broke gently removed the faces, reattached with hinges, added a stained shelf, velcro straps for remotes and drilled holes for wires in the back.

Dresser turned Media Unit:

Armoire for Baby’s Room

Ms. N contacted me with a picture of her baby’s crib to see if I had a piece that would match.  Amazingly enough, I had an armoire that had the same oval design that was on the end of the crib!  We did it in white with light distressing to match the crib.  Here is the before an after picture as well as a couple of pics she was kind enough to share with it in the room.  I think she did a great job decorating.  I LOVE the chandelier!!  Thanks for sharing Ms N! :)